Wall Mural FAQs

     And Specifications

What is the ideal space for a wall mural?

Ideally, the space for a wall mural would be a flat, smooth drywall surface with no wall switches or fire alarms on it.  It is not recommended to install a wall mural onto porous or textured surfaces, such as concrete walls.   

What images are available?

Any image that GAA has the rights to re-sell and is high enough resolution for the desired mural size.  We have millions of available images, and we can set up an online project for the client with selections.  We can also use client provided images, so long as they have the right to reproduce the image and it is high enough resolution for the desired mural size.

What is the required image resolution?

The minimum image resolution required will depend upon the size of the mural.  However, as a general guide, wall murals up to 13’ x 9’ require a 50 MB original image at 150 DPI for best results.  For wall murals larger than 13’ x 9’ a higher resolution image file is needed.  Please contact us for more information regarding image resolution for large scale wall murals.  On images being provided to us by a client, we require to see the high resolution image before we quote the job to ensure it is high enough resolution for the desired mural size and to ensure any needed clean up of the image is included in the quote.

What information is needed for the wall measurement?

We need the exact space you want covered.  See the diagram below.

Measuring tips (full wall)

Width - measure the horizontal distance from corner to corner.

Height- we recommend that you measure the vertical height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square. If different, select the greater of the two height measurements.

Measuring tips (partial wall)

Submit your exact measurements of your desired mural space.

Note: we create all custom size murals based on the specific dimensions that you provide. To allow for slightly uneven wall dimensions we add two inches of bleed to the height and width of the wall mural. This extra material can be easily trimmed away once the mural application is complete.

What sizes are available for wall murals?

There is no minimum or maximum size for wall murals.  Wall murals can be customized to fit your exact needs.  However, every enlarged image has a point where it will become distorted depending upon the size and resolution of the original image file.

Please note that the wall mural material is 54” wide.  Therefore, any wall murals wider than 54” will be produced on multiple panels.  The image will be divided into panels for optimum raw material yield and the divisions will be clearly depicted on the proof.  

What types of wall murals are available?

 Option 1:  Digitally printed wallpaper

  • Finish options: 

o   Matte (smoother texture)

o   Abaco Beach (sand finish texture)

  • Standard wallpaper installation with adhesive paste
  • Physical Properties

o   Total weight:  21 oz. per lineal yard

o   Fabric weight:  2.7 oz. per lineal yard

o   Vinyl weight:  18.3 oz. per lineal yard

o   Thickness:  0.018 to 0.026 inches

o   Fabric:  Poly Cotton Osnaburg

  • Product Packaging

o   Roll size: 60 yds /30 yds

o   Material width: 54''(+/-1/4''inches)

o   Roll weight: 82 lbs./50 lbs.

o   Shipping weight: 90 lbs./54 lbs.

o   Core diameter: 3 inch ID Heavy Duty

  • Specifications /Testing /Certification

o   Federal specification: CCC-408-A Type II Class A

o   CFFA specification: CFFA-W-101-D Type II Class A


Option 2:  Digitally printed breathable removable vinyl pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Removable/Repositionable
  • Real woven fabric is topcoated for vibrant graphics
  • 54” x 150’, 3” core roll size
  • 8 mm gauge
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Easy installation (smaller sizes)
  • Removable without the use of steam, wallpaper remover or wallpaper “claws.”  Just peel slowly and the wall is ready to prep for the next installation.
  • Meets the flame spread and smoke density requirements for ANSI/NFPA – Class A and IBC – Class A


Option 3:  Digitally printed vinyl, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Gloss white vinyl with opaque grey back adhesive
  • Finish (Overlaminate) options:

o   Matte

o   Gloss

  • Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Will remove paint/wall when taken down
  • Professional vinyl installers recommended

How does the proof approval process work?

After an image file has been approved for the desired wall mural size and the order has been placed, an image depicting the wall mural and its proposed panel divisions will be generated.  This proof will then be sent to the client for approval.  The client will have to initial and date the image proof, as well as complete a proof sign-off form before production of the wall mural will begin.    

What is the turnaround time for wall mural production once the proof has been approved?

Typically, the turnaround time for wall mural production is 5-7 business days from the date of proof approval. 

How are wall murals shipped?

Wall murals are rolled over a cardboard core and placed securely in a box to ensure safe shipping.

Who coordinates wall mural installations?

You may choose to find an installer yourself, but we are experts at coordinating low cost, quality wall mural installations for clients.  We will hire a local, qualified wall covering installer to install your wall mural.  Our wall covering installer will install the mural in accordance with our installation instructions and specifications.  To ensure best results, it is company policy that all of our contracted installers prime the wall surface before installing a wall mural.  All installation costs (should you want us to install the mural) will be included in the quote provided to the client.

How do I properly prepare the wall surface if I choose to install the mural?

Wall surfaces to be covered must be clean, smooth, dry and structurally sound.  Loose paint or other wallcoverings must be removed.  In order to ensure maximum smoothness of installation, nail heads, nicks, gouges, and other surface imperfections should be filled, sanded smooth and sealed.  Do not hang wall murals over ball point pen writing, wax crayon, ink marker, oil based stains or any foreign matter that may bleed through the mural.  On new walls, drywall joints should be taped, bedded and sanded smooth.

Mold and mildew require moisture in order to grow.  Therefore, it is important to check the walls with a suitable moisture meter.  Moisture content should not exceed 4%.  Excessive moisture in wall needs to be corrected prior to the installation of the wall mural.  Remove any mold and mildew from existing wall and treat surfaces to inhibit future growth.

Glossy paint surfaces should either be sanded to dull the surface or an application of professional heavy-duty primer should be made.

Do not install wall mural unless a temperature above 55° F is maintained in both areas of installation and storage.

Remember to examine wall panels for color uniformity and consistency of design before hanging them.

How do I clean the wall mural once it has been installed?

The care for all three mural materials is very simple.  Dampen a sponge with mild water and dish soap and gently wipe the mural.  Be careful not to scrub, but know the materials are very durable and will not tear. 

Avoid using any chemicals on the mural, which could damage the material.  Dish soap will clean it sufficiently without any damage.