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A collection of insights, tips and practical tools for specifying art in healthcare and corporate settings

Innovative art solutions gleaned from research on evidence-based design and over 35 years of art experience working in healthcare and corporate environments

The knowledge on how we use the power of art to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge, offer hope, and MOST of all, to connect

Healthcare Art

Research on evidence-based design for art strongly supports that the right type of art can aid in the healing process.

Healthcare art should console a patient, not challenge or confuse them. When artwork elicits a response, starts a conversation, makes a connection or evokes a memory, it serves as a positive distraction. This allows a patient’s attention to escape from the emotional or physical stress of the moment. It's therapeutic and can assist in the healing process.

There are certain types of art that work best in a healthcare setting. A Guide for Healthcare Art and Healthcare Art Selection Tips define those types and show you how to practically apply them.

Corporate Art 

Art and branding art set the tone in your corporate facility. They are the most immediate visual cue as to who you are and what you do. Your walls are valuable real estate. You want to make them WORK for you. Your walls need to engage - engage your staff, your visitors, and your clients.

Can art in the workplace really make us more productive, more innovative or improve our job satisfaction?

The Influence of Art in the Workplace tackles the complex relationship of the employee to the design of their work environment, including art.

And More ... 

Looking for creative new applications for art? Check out the collection of Case Studies.

Our Sample Art Proposal puts it all together with all the details that go into a comprehensive art program, including the art floor plan, a description of the art selection process and a sample portfolio of a client’s complete art package.

Still more questions? We’ve compiled a list of answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

“Great American Art worked with me on the art for one of our large healthcare clients. They offered a wide variety of products, their designer was very helpful and well organized, and the process was easy. The artwork helped to transform a very sterile environment into a creative, inviting space. The staff, patients and visitors loved the art.”

“ I had a wonderful experience working with Lisa at Great American Art. She was very knowledgeable and helpful with guiding my client through the art selection and ordering process. She was very attentive to all of my client’s needs through the whole process. The client is very happy with the art and it has transformed their office space.

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Ramsey S.

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